‘Vrienden van Felix Meritis’ rewarded with membership of ALDA

Vrienden van Felix Meritis has just been rewarded with the membership of ALDA,

Read why we wanted to become member. In a few parts from our motivation letter:

“In cooperation with AMSU, we are preparing an international MBA on Culture Heritage and Citizenship can be of use for the up-speeding needs in citizenship education for professionals in all cultural and educational area’s: Both organisations, FMF and AMSU do have a long lasting experience in setting up informal and formal networks, supporting civic initiatives, lecturing at universities and independent institutions within the EU and beyond in neighbouring countries.

Within the framework of the Informal Working Body Gulliver (1987) as well as A Soul for Europe (2002), of both initiatives FMF was one of the founders, numerous roundtables were held with local, regional, national and EU politicians and the local NGO World as well as businesspeople, to promote communication, cooperation and joined projects beyond the traditional division of tasks between the political power and de civic world.

These meetings were held in a.o. Skopje, Sibiu, Belgrade, Sofia, Tibilisi, Istanbul, Leningrad (1990), Lyon, Oporto, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.

To widen our scope, to invest in research, to produce modes and models for more succesful cooperation between active citizens and city councils we think the membership of ALDA could be beneficial, for us, our related co-producers and networks and for the ALDA network as well.”